Which character has the funniest death scream?

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Genji's pained "HNNNNNNNNGN!" moan.
Zenyatta stuck in Reinhardt's charge is best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRfvc6PEWFI
Well it's not funny but it might be considered perverse. I find D.Va's death scream when she dies outside her meka kind of cute.
McCree killed mid ult. "It's Higgggghh Noo-aurgauahah!"
Symmetra falling off a cliff.

Genji's "BLEUGH" barf noise when he dies.
I also find Lucio's gurgles while getting electrocuted by Winston pretty funny.
D.Va's falling scream.
Pharah's "HEUGH" when getting pinned by Reinhardt.
Zenyatta during a Reinhardt charge.

Junkrat for me, followed by Mercy.
I think Lucios screams are Hilarious.
Lucio's non-pit screams. You got "OGH, OUUUGH," "AHAH, AHAGH," "WAOOOGH" and more
Ana's screaming when being pinned by a Rein-- especially if the pin ends before the screaming does, so Ana's just running around screaming.
Genji- when he gets tazed to death by Winston.

Winston- when he gets pinned to death by Reinhardt.
I think Pharah getting killed mid-ult is hilarious and also getting charged by Rein it's like holy cow.

Dva when she gets knocked off and falls is so over the top.
ana being pinned
it s s o l o n g
Genji for sure!
D.va falling from a cliff sounds so hilarious.

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