Halloween Giveaway!

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Mighty gracious of you OP! Here's my comment. A Dad:76 joke.

What did the duck say to the cosmetics attendant while purchasing lipstick?

I'm in. I'm still missing that Junkenstein Skin! :(

Edit: You took my post virginity. I hope you feel special. <3
I love pistachio flavor icecream and harp seals :<
Whoo free stuff!
I'm feeling lucky
Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win something.
It's really nice of you!

There should be more post like this maybe the community would be a bit less toxic.
Glhf, muhahahahahahahahha
You're doing God's work, OP.
Cool of you to do something like this.
10/16/2016 08:25 AMPosted by Salem
I love pistachio flavor icecream and harp seals :<

Pistachio ice cream is 2nd only to mocha almond fudge. Good stuff.
I hate !@#$%^s
You are the hero we don't deserve.
m e r c y s k i n
Very nice thing you're doing for other players here. I'd be happy to enter despite my "luck" with giveaways.
sure why not?
Sounds cool!
Thank you for doing this as many out there are unable to buy boxes and good luck with your event!
m e r c y s k i n
How cool! Thanks for putting this on.

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