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Highly Rated
I played Symmetra on attack
I'm not a sinner, i swear... wait
I blocked an allied ult that would have wiped the enemy team and felt no remorse.
I don't know about sins, but some of my forum posts are carefully constructed.
I played Mei and accidentally put up a ice wall as our D.Va was boosting in the same direction... woops.
I flashbanged someone with McCree and missed the Fan-The-Hammer.
I played a healer :/
Father I have sinned... I've been making Mei one of my mains
I main D.Va in competitive.
Highly Rated
I voted for my own card.
I get invites to groups and continue to play solo.

I play on pc with a controller and do better than most kbms. I've been told so.
i played mei for more than 1 second.
Look at my career profile, you will see what I have done.
I like playing Mei and might consider playing her more.
When someone spam "I need healing", I end healing everybody but that player, and let him/her die.
I sat there staring at my allied junkrat damage boosting him while he had a sliver of health. I swear I saw the little clown sweating, begging and pleading with his eyes for the healing stream. We stared each other down for a good 10 seconds while the game timer counted down. But I would not heal him. I needed him to die. I needed the huge rez achievement. Didn't get it. We lost. Got it much later on the same map though. I was useless that game too. Even when I got the huge rez it was with seconds left and they all just died again anyway.
I play Ana on every map I want to despite hate from players telling me I'm the reason we lose sometimes despite having over 50% win rate.
I TOTALLY did not look at ow !@#$ (that misspell was on purpose).... totally.
I got bored so I set up a symmetra portal going off a cliff and had a good laugh while 2 or 3 people fell to their death :(
I started maining Mei

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