I always play to win, and yet ...

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And yet here I am 0-12... Every single game I've been raged at no matter what role I play. I just turned off voice now. I've discovered that it doesn't matter how many gold medals I have because I will still be the reason we lost. Anyone want to group? I'm not angry just a little sad and I want to win.
Five losses in a row. Multiple games of teams of PUG Level 10-90 players being paired against multiple prestige groups. I can't even be mad at my team. It's not their fault they're being slaughtered by Prestige 5 Platinum Genji mains.

Well I never made it to 0-13 im officially 1-12 :D
Looking at your hero selection I would suggest switching from Mercy to Lucio as your main support when you're dropping solo. Junk also isn't a "good" pick unless you're really good with him, have a good team comp around him, or the other team can't or won't counter him.

That's not to say Junk is a bad pick at all, he's just not one of those I'd suggest a newer player start with in comp most times because regardless of what some will try to tell you, he's got a fairly high skill ceiling to use properly. Most have the idea that you just spam grenades into an area blindly.

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