what are the common characteristics of a Genji Main?

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Well, only speaking for myself here the ego thing is true. But that also gives you confidence to perform.
Although when I play something else I can be very considerate. Like dva nowadays, you can save people ALOT with defense matrix.

Why am I explaining this lol, whatever point is maybe we could care abit more about what's going on behind us sometimes.
They always call for Symmetra nerfs

when symmetra was designed to counter genji
The first and last thing out of all Genji's Keyboards are - Nerf Symmetera.
10/18/2016 06:22 PMPosted by KeyBu
Huge ego, will trash-talk regardless of whether their team won or loss, complete lack of awareness of anyone else, just generally unfun to be around.

You are Genji Main?
They always need fking healing

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