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I focused a Rein so hard with Rein on Gibraltar QP we lost(was playing with all friends so it was cool with them).

He just kept setting himself up to get charged off the cliffs so many times. I know I had to have made that person mad even if they won. Got the environmental card with seven kills on that Rein.
I don't trust anyone else to play healer.
I give my team 10 seconds before charging in as Reinhardt.

10/27/2016 05:21 PMPosted by Dracologist
10/27/2016 05:14 PMPosted by Ahab
Sometimes I care more about the rein vs rein pin duels than I care about protecting my team.
Sometimes, I care more about making sure my Reinhardt wins those duels than I care about healing my team. I may or may not have solo-ressed our Reinhardt just so that he'd have a chance to avenge his own death on a couple occasions...

You da real MVP.
Sometimes I poke at the choke in QP and never realize it until it's too late.
I hate playing against Mei and wish her kit would be reworked. To this end, I've started playing as her to make others hate her as much as I do to increase the chances of Blizzard doing something.
I main tanks like Rein,, and Winston to hide the fact that I can't aim.
I've intentionally teleported annoying, whiny players off cliffs .... in ranked matches. In addition, I felt no guilt however an insuppressible sense of joy coursed through my body.

Forgive me Jeff.
If I pay Mercy or Zenyatta and no one votes me for healing, I'll play Lúcio in the next round and only have speed boost on.
I play a lot of heroes that require good aim.

And guess what?

I don't have good aim.


If an annoying flanker is demanding heals way out of my way as Mercy I'll eventually Angel over to them only to taunt as they die instead of healing them.
During quickplays I at times play as Junkrat and rush to the enemy spawn point, once there I law a trap, once triggered by an enemy I spam emotes and quotes then typically engage in a chase around with them until I die, or they give up.
Playing mostly support in competitive, I use QP as a way to instalock offense and normally place no medals by being mediocre and couldn't give two !@#$s.

Feels good bro.
I use secondary fire when not peeking as Zenyatta
I type "simple geometry" in chat whenever I kill someone with scatter arrow just to make people mad
I like playing Ana to put the enemies to sleep and teabag them.
i put trap with a mine in doorways near healthpacks. so close yet so far
10/27/2016 06:18 PMPosted by jopv
I like playing Ana to put the enemies to sleep and teabag them.

Had one of those do that to me. She was met with a sleepdart and teabag from our own and ended with a charge against a wall.
When I'm playing a healer and someone calls me a stupid Mexican based off my name, (it's not even Spanish) and so I go out of my way to not heal them. It's happened twice and they got reported by my whole team and put on mute and block.
I boost my damage by shooting zaryas shield, mei walls and any other barrier in the game so I don't have to accept that I'm a no-medal-McCree
I deliberately tilt people who type instead of using the mic.

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