Ilios game loading bug.

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Same here with every single map
this issue is STILL happening. can i get my suspension lifted and get my sr back or can i just get a full refund on everything i spent on this game? i honestly don't want to play if i keep getting penalized for a bug that's NOT MY FAULT.
Sometimes when I enter a game in Overwatch on PS4 (doesn't matter which map), it stays in the loading screen for little moment and then kicks me out of the loading screen so I end up in the Overwatch menu, but before I can press anything it tries to join again. This repeats until I am kicked from the game or suspended from the competitive game. Are there any solutions?
Still happening to me. Thanks for punishing players for dealing with your broken game. Every time they patch something, another thing breaks.
Competitive is unplayable at this point for me. It's gotten progressively worse since the Halloween patch. Quick play works great, but when I enter competitive, the maps load way too slowly. I get the white numbers in the bottom left corner (which I was told was a bug report?). Once that finishes after like a minute it lets me in but by that time the game has already started. Sometimes i get in and the character models don't load. Worse yet, I get random internet disconnects sometimes too. This ONLY happens in competitive though. My ping is fine, my FPS is fine, it's not my rig! I need a fix or something Blizzard! Just some recognition that this problem even exists!
This isn't an "end all" solution for most of you guys, but it might work for some of you. If you have something in the background of your computer taking up a ton of disk write/read speed, it will slow down your load times into servers. For example, if you have an antivirus running or something being downloaded in the background, it will drastically increase load times. A quick solution to this, is to just raise the priority of Overwatch in the task manager to be higher than whatever is using up the disk ( or just kill the process ). This applies to loading into servers/the game in general so I apologize if there is a specific problem relating to Ilios =P. Hope this helps!
Whenever you run into these situations, just give task manager a quick check. It might give you some more insight.
Having same problem got kicked out 2 ranked games got penalazed lost my ranked points, because i was STUCK AT LOADING screen, random map any map i get stuck, blizzard we want you to fix this or give us our money back!!!!
i'm still on a 20 hour suspension because this happens on whatever map, whenever it !@#$ing wants....quickplay or competitive.
this is happening again
I'm still facing this problem

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