Loosing to much SR with 4 golds

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I lost my last comp game with Zarya. I main her and I would say im pretty good. The people I played with and against were either high Diamond or Master. And my question is, why did I loose the "normal amount" of SR when I was gold in all categorys except healing? I know medals dosent say much but I played very good and it feels bad to loose so much SR when it was mostly my teams fault. Now I'm not saying that it only were there fault but cmon. Gold in Everything? When we had master dps players? Arent they supposed to be good or at least have more dmg as Reaper the their Zarya? Dunno but it just FeelsBadMan
its bad ofc. Im mad when I win game and next its lose, then again win and lost. On 9/10 games I have golds but w/e, my ELO stay in place ... Why my ELO/SR depends on my team, when Im on soloQ and Im doing best job in team(makeing 3-4 golds). I think its time to give up cuz soloQ dont give me fun any more :((
Did the team have a rein to give them proper cover? How was the communication? What type of map was it? What was your kill participation percent? Did the enemy team have counters for your DPS?

Honestly curious about the context since it may be informative.


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