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hi I dont know wats happening but when i updated my OVW it restarded my battlenet and all of a sudden its not letting me log in to my battlenet and a Blizzard Error will pop that says. The application encountered an unexpected error. and it gives me this random numbers and letters " E3C90A9A-7068-4A61-8F8E-1EB4609BA3EF " and it says Please use the Report ID when communicating with blizzard about this issue please..... kindly help me.
Howdy xXxedzxXx!

This issue is normally fixed by clean installing the app, it looks like some of the files corrupted after a recent update.

When you have a free moment please try the following steps:

· Press the Windows Key+R on keyboard
(Run Command in the Start Menu for Vista)
· Type %ProgramData%
· Hit enter
· Delete Blizzard Entertainment and folder
· Empty Recycle Bin
· Uninstall and reinstall the app, please install on the C drive
Please help me. There was a error send a letter to blizzard thing, but I am not sure it was sent. Number:"FAB7B842-AEB2-4A9B-9694-6ECE06C59C22". Please help me. Also I cant update overwatch. Help me. I like this game.
I'm having the same update problems. This is my error code.


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