Can't log into PTR, unexpected server error occured

PTR Bug Report
unexpected server error occurred, can't log into the ptr.
I've been getting the same thing, I also tried doing it straight from the folder. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times too.
Same here, experiencing the same bug. I've reinstalled and the client to no avail.
I am having the same problem. They need to do it them selves I believe.
I'm on the same boat as you all, im following this thread.
Same problem here. I've checked that my version of the PTR is up to date, as well as scanned for repairs. Everything seems to be OK, but I still get the unexpected server error.
Hey folks, we have a sticky thread for the Unexpected Server Error topic.

We're fixing up accounts when possible, when new info is available we'll post it in that thread.


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