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Overwatch drops from my normal 40ish fps to 20fps every so often, especially after death when I'm watching the kill cam. After the kill cam, it usually recovers. But after a few deaths, it no longer recovers and I'm stuck at 10-20fps. I also freeze every so often for a few seconds during intense battles. Even though my screen's frozen, I can still move around, because I end up in a different spot when I recover.
Restarting the computer fixes the problem, but I drop to 20fps again permanently within the first game post-restart.

There was a thread suggesting I try this tracing software to identify the problem: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20749679860?page=1#post-7

And here's my log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jblhkrq0d4n48u2/2016-11-09_22-38-15_Charles.etl?dl=0

Thanks for any help!
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Overwatch? Closing all of your other background programs?
Tried resetting computer, the problem returned in a couple weeks. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Overwatch. Tried playing upon startup without opening any other programs. Tried reinstalling graphics driver. None of those worked.
Ok. That's all I got. Hopefully someone can decipher your logs and find out if something is bottlenecking your CPU.
Hello PolarPause!

I took a look at your trace. I can see Symantec waking up and taking some CPU cycles. Next time you have the extended frame drop, you might take a look and see if a scan or something else Symantec related is happening.

Past that, nothing stands out. Your CPU is very busy when running Overwatch, so any application / service you don't need would be a candidate for closing to get more CPU cycles.

Thanks for the reply! I tried disabling Symantec. I'm still getting periodic FPS drops and the occasional freeze, but it recovers after 5 seconds. And I was able to get through about 3 games before the FPS drop became permanent, so that's an improvement. I checked my CPU performance in task manager while playing, and it stays at a constant 20-25% in-game. Do you think it's a problem with CPU allocation? Does my laptop somehow think Overwatch doesn't need that much CPU at times?
Hello PolarPause!

Could you post a DXDiag for me?

i too am seeing big fps hit during kill cams and it started at the same time as the other random fps drops

i tried another fresh system reinstall but the same thing happens.
Thanks for following up Bruce. Here's my DxDiag:
Just wanted to update. I uninstalled Symantec and it was a bit better but not completely fixed. As of now, the situation has for some reason improved greatly. I still have a lot of FPS drops, but they recover more quickly and they haven't been permanent in over 10 games. Although these 10 games have been solo queue. Usually I play with a friend (Charybdis150, the guy above). I wonder if that rascal is the problem. -_- I've heard about people lagging when in a party.

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