Best Sombra Skin?

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Cyberspace, because it reminds me so much of Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy glory.
mar for me
Another fan of the Glitch skin? I didn't think I would live to see the day <3

The first time I saw her skins in the PTR I wasn't really sure about any one. I like the cyberspace one, but I knew everyone would grab that... I didn't have enough credits to buy it anyways there (in the PTR) so I bought the Glitch one, still wasn't really sure about it... Idk, for some reason, I feel in love with it after using it for a while XP
She's the only character that I bought the recolor skins for because I really love Noche and Incendio
I actually like the original the most, overall. The color palette is great, imho, and she's got that wicked cyberpunk feel. She's one of the few characters that, thus far, I'm likely to stick primarily with the classic skin.

I love the idea of the Los Muertos skin. A lot. But I wish it had a variant that used the original colors. That is, when I saw the screenshot for it at BlizzCon, I was really hoping there would be one with her glowing tattoo and implants using the purple-pink color of her implants in the classic skin, and that uses the pink + purple + blue + grey + black color scheme for the rest of her outfit and hair.
i love glitch
Glitch. Easily the best epic skin in the game (ignoring Halloween/SG) and unlike the legendaries keeps her badass character model.
Noche :)
My favorite skin is Cyberspace.
Don't like any of them much really. So it comes down to which colour variation you like
11/08/2016 07:38 PMPosted by Urodos

I also dig Cyberspace the most. I blew 1000 credits for it.
Cyberspace is best because skin tight bodysuit. Otherwise her design is fugly so no skin really looks good or ever will.
The Noche skin is best by far! She looks so good in black with red eyes <3
Can't say I'm particularly crazy about any of them. Even the epic and legendary skins have too little difference in model design to make them unique. It's just a matter of face paint and hairstyle. That's it.

If I had to choose one, then it'd probably be Augmented.
Cyberspace for sure.
11/16/2016 07:30 AMPosted by FreeBird
Cyberspace, because it reminds me so much of Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy glory.

lol you think?
augmented looks like an 80s metal cover. its great
Commons :}
I like Noche, Glitch, Virus, and Cyberspace. A lot of people are using Cyberspace and Augmented from what I've seen in games.

Even her default works because Sombra has a pretty design to her that I love.
11/08/2016 07:38 PMPosted by KingKitten
The one where she doesn't dye her hair.

"Heros never dye"

- Mercy, 2016

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