i have two regions on my account but i've never left europe

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So my problem is that i have two regions on my Overwatch account, one is EU and one is US. The EU displays level and things correctly, while the other one got stuck with this starcraft player icon and at a lower level with the skins and things i had then... The game automatically uses the US account on ptr and i don't know why. I don't need that US thingy, why did that even appear?
Well... See? This is my US account on the US forum, but i wanted to write on EU forum. And i automatically got here, i don't know why.
Hi there,

As a note, Overwatch is a Global play game, this means you buy it once and have an account in all regions for the game :) This way if you come to the US , you can still play with out re buying the game and on servers near where you are. If you want to post on the Eu forums though , you just need to make sure Eu.battle.net is in the URL not Us.Battle.net.

Eu Tech forums.

Hope this helps :)


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