Ana Lifesaver POTG?

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Is it possible for Ana to get a Lifesaver POTG by sleeping someone as they ult? It seems appropriate for her to get something like this since I don't see many Ana POTGs.

Do you have to kill them for it to count?

Honestly, throwing a grenade into a Zarya Ult and being lucky enough to land the killing blows on several seems the most likely way.
I've two lifesaver ana potg for the most stupidest way. One was me killing Mei while I was frozen and two was killing Reinheart mid-charge while he was pinning me. Ana's dart does have a delay making those thing I mention possible.
from what i understand, you get the lifesaver potg by killing another player just before they can kill someone on your team. Which means you need to get elimination credit for it, and since sleeping doesn't count as an elimination i don't believe it counts towards the "lifesaver" potg. Now if she kills them instead with a dart or grenade, then yeah, but not a sleep.

Do i think it should count towards the PotG? eh... i think that's just enforcing a rather weird PotG system that's currently in place. a PotG really should be that "game changing" moment that stopped a push that was about to cap, or changed the flow of the game from a loss to a win... rather than just.. who hit the q button at the time to get the most kills. But, as the devs have stated, computers are stupid and it's really hard to teach them what is "cool" or "game changing" so for now we're stuck with torb PotG's where he hammers a turret and gets 3 kills.

I would like to see supports get more PotG's and actions that arn't exactly based on "kill counts" a Symmetra that puts up a TP that allows the team to get back to the point in time to stop a cap, a lucio that manages to survive for 5 minutes on a point without getting killed, protecting the cap, or an Ana that manages to sleep an ulting target, and then popping her ult that wipes the opponents team. I believe something like that is more deserving of the PotG than say, Torb, Bastion, or Pharah doing their massive AOE kill for 2-3 deaths.

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