Roadhog Hook bug

PTR Bug Report
His hook get locked on and stays on you even if you die. When you re-spawn it is still hooked on you and it doesn't pull towards him and the only way to stop it is for Roadhog to die.
I have seen this too. Not isolated.
Yep. I was Pharah and got hooked. Wasn't puuled in though, and could kill Roadhog easily as he couldn't defend himself on account of the stuck hook.
yup has happened for me a bunch of times cant really work out why it happens. not really any consistancy
Seen this happen in Custom game too
This happened about a half hour ago. I had one successful hook on a Junkrat, then two failures on Symmetra where I hooked her but she just kept running and was released, and then I hooked a Junkrat again but remained tethered to him - even after he died like 6 seconds later. I also lost use of all abilities except walking. Couldn't fire, alt fire, self heal...etc

:edit: Also, when I was tethered to the Junkrat I was walking slowly
I encountered the same bug. I got hooked, but the hook broke (I guess because he lost LoS). The visual was still present and roadhog didn't move. I could run around and the hook only broke as I killed him. Seems to be some new "fix" for his interdimensional hooks. I had it in a custom game on oasis, haven't checked any other maps.
We've fixed this internally and it should be in the next PTR update. Thanks for the report!
Naisuuuu. Thx for the update Mr. Warnecke
I thought it was so funny when it happened. Glad to hear it will be fixed in the next update.

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