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I really enjoy the small bits of lore that blizzard keeps giving us through cinematics, comics etc and I wouldn't mind some sort of story mode in-game.
I do agree with people saying that one long campaign mode would get boring and just not work in Overwatch but I had an idea about every character getting their own kinda "mini campaign". If you have played fighting games like Street fighter and the likes you could compare it to that.
Every character would get a story to work through and have their own set of enemies to fight in the process.

Tracer wants revenge on Widowmaker for killing that robo-dude and sets out to find her. On the way to Widowmaker she must fight Reaper and Sombra in order to get information on Widows location.
Widowmaker still wants that doomfist thing from the museum and has to fight Winston, Soldier and Tracer to get to it.

The stories would ofc be more polished than that and give some interesting depth to every character.

As for the maps I was thinking of something like Junkenstein's Revenge where you have to fight through hordes of omnics, or whatever works best for that character, and occasionally fight one of the "bosses" until you win that stage in the campaign. The way you complete these maps would also vary depending on what character you play as, so you wouldn't have to fight a bunch of NPCs as Mercy for example.

Campaigns would be open for multiplayer and completing a characters campaign would give you an achievement and a character specific spray/skin/portrait or something like that.

These are just some ideas I came up with very quickly and I'm curious what you think of them.
Blizzard pls
It could be an interesting idea to make something like those Csgo operations against so bots.

Imagine for example being able to play the infiltration short with 2 other people, something like that could be a cool way to add more current story to the game. Everything we've learned so far is stuff in the past

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