Worst way to die?

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Walking out of a teleporter into a d.va ult
You're the responsible Bastion. You don't shoot a reflecting Genji. . . .

But you still die to it, because your team collectively throw all their bullets and bombs at him to you. Gotta love it when your team kills you. <3
Missing a Reinhardt charge and going right off a cliff.
I play on console and am pretty much !@#$ with Pharah, hence why I rarely play her. I recently ulted against the ceiling lamp at the Route 66 warehouse and managed to only kill myself in the process. This %^-* was embarassing and I really hope no one has seen this.
When the enemy Genji deflects and you start positioning to kill him after it ends, but get killed because your imbecilic teammate continued firing and he deflected the shots into you.
Running away from a D.va Ult, then getting stunned by a mccree who was camping in a corner the entire time.
That moment when you think you are Tracer as Genji and dash into a charging Reinhardt only to die.
dieing alone in a ditch and watch as someone comes and steals your cloths
Losing a 1v1 to mercy as reaper
Blinking into ledge and falling
*respawns* "HEY GUYS IM READY TO HELP!!" *immediately gets rein charged*
Blink into a trap as Tracer and wait for my fate.
I made a montage of the best deaths I've experienced as Mercy.

My favorite has to be Flying over Martyrdom
I think my favourite moment in the game so far was getting jumped by a Reaper as Mercy. Pulled out the sidearm, managed to put enough range between us that his shotguns didn't do as much damage. The poor kid even tried to Ult in order to get the kill (it was pretty much me and him in a room) but he still died. I think he quit the match after that.

Anyway, I always seem to find a way to be Reinhardt's charge target. It doesn't matter if he was aiming for somebody else, because his target's foot will be one inch too far, instead slamming into me. Every single time.

Turning a corner and being hit by a spammed Hanzo arrow.

Hanzo scatter arrow at spawn.
Rounding the corner into a Symmetra Ball of Destruction, it's so fast.
Your own charge as a Reinhardt, as you miss your target... and the wall intended to stop you before that cliff edge.
Friendly Lucio booping a charging Reinhardt right into your path.
Stepping back and falling off a cliff.

Hey, I thought I had more space.

Also getting frozen by Mei and her saying hi to you before she blasts your head with an icicle.
Getting hooked through the floor by a roadhog you just booped off a cliff
Roadhog hook+ shotgun 1hit combo. or the reaper with perfect aim who knows every shortcut chasing you down.

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