Heroes that get a bad rap

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Title. Which heroes do you think are hated on too much by the players and the community, for whatever reason? Which heroes deserve a bit more love and credit than they are given?

I'll start. I think Torbjorn has unfairly gotten a reputation for being a garbage tier hero, but I've been very effective with him and seen him used effectively by those who know how to use him. As long as you don't play him like the TF2 Engy and actually use your gun instead of just tanking the turret, he can be an asset. His gun is more powerful than you would think, his turret can be dropped quickly to provide some extra damage in team fights and shave some health off flankers, and being able to regularly provide 75 armor to your teammates can be really useful. He may never break into the pro scene because he's countered by team coordination but at the non-pro level that most of us inhabit he can definitely be helpful.
Inb4 Hanzo main claims to be really good and that you shouldn't bully him.

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