Disconnected from Competitive Server

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Same happened to me ffs
Refund me my SR, thanks.
Just happened to me.... WTF blizzard!
same here
Just happened to me on PS4. Now I'm not going to be as angry when my teammates leave because they may be getting kicked without their control.
It happened to me 4 times already in season 3 : I play a couple of Quick matches with my premades, then try to connect to a competitive game. At that point the loading menu freezes, then I get dropped from the server, cancelling the game, giving me a competitive temporary ban and making me lose a bunch of SR (between 40 and 50). My friends however assure me that I am the only one to have dropped from the game so it can't be a server shutdown.
I know my computer runs fine because I play Quick Play at a consistent 60 fps and I have no problem the times when the competitive match actually does start. Also when the freeze does happen my task manager indicates that none of the limits of my hardware have been reached. I know my internet runs fine because I can talk to my friend on Discord the whole time without interruption.
So I don't know what is causing this problem but it probably made me quit competitive play for good as with a total of 200 SR lost for free my rank is depressingly low and I am quite close to having more than 1000 points difference with some of my friends.

My understanding is that it is a problem with the game, and if it turns out that it is I would appreciate a refund of these SR points even though I know it is probably not going to happen.
May I know what's wrong with overwatch, My internet connection was great but still disconnected. May I know any solution for this issue?
I know a few days ago when I played comp I disconnected and eventually reconnected to the same game. I play a full round and we end up winning and I still get the loss and SR hit.
Banned for "Leaving" matches wtf I was disconnected from the servers and It wasnt my internet because I was on Spotify and Youtube and no problem there thanks for !@#$ing up my SR blizzard #FIXYOUR%^-*
Same ,Disconnected from server with a group in competitive. We lost a lot of points.
I was kicked out from comp game 2 times cause of rendering and now suspend for a minute but the worth thing is I lost 100 sr 50each game
This post is from last year, but the same thing is happening again.
Sometimes randomly disconnecting from the server for no reason. Having this bug already for a few months. reparing the game didnt help solving the bug.
I keep disconnecting while the players are running in place.
I've lost SR multiple times due to not being able to connect immediately to Overwatch. I have to watch as the 10 second countdown runs down as Overwatch fails to load me into my game. From just that match I have lost about 40 SR I believe, and I have a suspension. I'm really not sure how to fix this obnoxious issue.
Happened to me but not in game. When i'm about to get into a comp match it disconnects and by the time i can get the game running again already banned. Happened twice tonight. Lost 120sr (60 both times) and banned 30 min first time 2 hours the second. If im in a game and it disconnects though my game will be fine and can play through the match.
great, more of these. Overwatch is going to die soon Blizzard! FIX YOUR !@#$ING GAME
Same issue, that's why I'm not playing anymore

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