How does the Chronal Accelerator work?

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I understood that Tracer wears it and it keeps her anchored in the present, but in the new comic she takes it off when she gets home to Emily. What's stopping her becoming a desynchronised ghost again?
I wouldn't even ask that question. Because therein lies the realm of Quantum Mechanics, which depending on how and when you look at it is pure witchcraft anyways.
We all got disliked for this? I must even things out.
It's in the corner, you can see it. Jeff said that she doesnt have to wear it, being near it allows her to be tethered to our time.
I helped even things out myself by up-voting everyone because this is a good discussion. I was asking myself the same questions when I saw the comic. I think her e ability doesn't erase her recent memories because it only puts her back to where she was but not when she was. That's why it only affects her and not everyone else. She isn't really traveling through time at all as far as I understand it.
From the official Twitter, She can be without it, but not far away from it. So if I'm guessing right, I would assume she would have to remain within city limits to stay physical
I was looking at the Twitter page of Michael Chu, the writer of the comic, and he said that Tracer can take it off in Emily's apartment and in Winston's base (Gibraltar). There is some built-in stuff in those rooms for Tracer to prevent her from desynchronising.

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