New Mei Event is Trash ....

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Wow ... so I was pumped to see what was to be this Xmas event .... I was wondering if it started yet ? I KNOW this can't be it .... I mean ..... REALLY BLIZ ?!?!

I went into this so called Mei Xmas mode and I couldn't be anymore disappointed. most skins are trash and leaving only a few good ones. Shame on you Blizz, at least maintain the Halloween and Summer event bar of achievement. It looked like half of the skins where thrown together in 5 min's and only had duck tape to make it work. Now their are a few dope looking skins ... but if you are trying to at least meet Halloween's bar .... well you just ran straight into that bar hitting your forehead, with not even an inch of liftoff.

The Summer Event and Halloween's game modes where great, even awesome ... but this thrown together mode had NO originality ... hell I can walk out my front door and throw a snowball. I am really disappointed, have some pride in how good the Events are and skins. Do it right, take some pride or find someone that can.

I have not played any regular games, but did we even get the new map ?? God for bid you release two things for people to play at the same time. Now if it's in the reg OW then I apologize BUT if not then you feel free to add this to the above mentioned.
Remember, 200 full-time staff work on this game. And that's the best they could come up with.

L.O. fkking L.
I actually like (some) skins here. Mei is disappointing, even if it does modify the ability. Lucio seems like they really missed an opportunity (skiing anyone? Giant grinch head? Christmas ornament head?), but I think characters like McRee, Pharah and Torb look great. The one I REALLY want is Winston though, that skin looks amazing.

That said, the new event is way too slow for me. If you die, you just spectate until the match is over. There is no sense of tension or excitement to me. Picking up snowballs seems too slow and the map itself isn't all that exciting. Compared to Junkenstein, it's a letdown. I'd like to see, in the future, they keep the action and pace up and do things that keep players invested in the game rather than possibly sitting on the sidelines for the entire match.

It's not terrible, I like the core idea, I just think they missed a few opportunities.

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