Cinco De Mayo Event.

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Sombra skin.

New day of the dead facepaints and recolorings

And finally....Pin-yatta
Roadhog should be PAIN-Yatta!
Mexicans mostly don't celebrate Cinco De Mayo. That's a calafornia thing as an excuse for drinking tequila because americans love drinking so much our national anthem was based on a drinking song. It's also not the day of the dead, it's the anniversary of a battle where mexico defeated the french.

Day of the Dead starts on Halloween and ends on November 2. It's a totally different holiday on a different day with a different theme.
I am from Mexican decent, but I don't think we need an event to celebrate Cinco de mayo, I think they should similarly do what they did to Rienhardt, just had a few skins. No new maps, no anything new except for a few skins for Sombra.
uhmm.. i will be drinking on cinco de drinko...
I'm upvoting you just for that !@#$ing gorgeous zenyatta pun
Y'all forgetting Reaper's hispanic? C'mon.
Wait, but he have the mariachi skin and el blanco as his legendary.
If I kill Pinyatta... Do I get candy?

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