I can't rejoin competitive match!

Bug Report
Whenever my game freezes, I lag out, or get booted, which is not often to be honest, I try to join back as quickly as possible. But due to the short time the game gives you, I don't have enough time to fix my problem and rejoin in time. For that I get a loss, get banned/suspended and loose sr. There needs to be more time to be able to rejoin the match.
Everyone and their mom has been posting about this for the past month I've seen. I got disconnected randomly from competitive games after playing all day basically and they'll ban me and give me a loss but won't give me the option to rejoin a game still in progress. It's unbelievable. I have a season ban and just have hopes they'll fix it back to the way it was before the winter patch.
This just happened to me :/ losing 50 sr just because the game decided to suddenly disconnect, without any warning or noticeable problem beforehand, is rather ridiculous. I get punishing leavers is necessary but when the leaving part wasn't someone's fault, punishing them is just nonsensical
Yeah, !@#$ this sh1t

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