Zenyatta Skin - Ifrit or Djinnyatta?

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Sanzang is the hotness.

Unless you have Nutcracker. That one automatically wins because of the potential to throw GOLDEN NUTS at people.
I'm with you OP, out of the non event leg Zen skins, Ifrit and Djinnyatta were the best to me.

I chose Djinnyatta fyi. I personally have a preference for the cream? coloured leg skins like Horus Ana and Djinnyatta Zen

EDIT: Although right now I got Sanzang equipped. I love it. I didn't even notice that it also is cream? coloured, I clearly have a colour type xD
I use Ifrit most of the time, but switch between sunyatta & nutcracker

the thing about event skins, I only feel special when the event is current, but when it's long and gone (like nutcracker) I just keep thinking, "why am I still wearing this thing"
My personal favorite is Ifrit
I'm currently using the Sanzang skin. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get that one too.

From his standard legendaries I think Sunyatta looks the best followed by Ifrit. Tbh I don't think you can go wrong with any of his legendaries.
Ifrit. The color schemes are incredible tbh
um, i dont know what all you guys are on about.

Djinnyatta is beast!
What's so great about skins anyway? You're just walking copies of each other no matter what you wear. I think we should be able to customize skins, just like we can customize reticles now. Everyone would have their own look at least. I've made a whole topic about this idea: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20757637562?page=
Sunyatta, obviously.
for me Ifrit is the best
I find the amount of sunyatta fans...shocking. To me, Ifrit has always been the go to skin ever since launch. There still isn't a better skin around.
It just depends on which colors you personally like more. Red and beige with blue accents, or black and blue with red accents.
I like the beige robes, so I went with Djinn. Also, it kinda looks like Djimmi from Cuphead.

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