Most people I've seen in platinum should be in diamond

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Seriously, they communicate, aren't as toxic/demanding as most people I see in diamond, and make better decisions on what hero to pick most of the time. While at diamond, mostly all I see is people getting mad at someone or calling them trash, and in return the targeted person or the guy that's angry starts to purposefully try to throw the match. Or maybe someone wants to use a hero someone else does not like, so they decide to say "Swap or I'll throw" or something similar. I don't understand.

Since I've mostly been at 3000-3200 SR I can only judge the people I see at that range, but if anything, most of those people should be the ones at 2700 and below since they obviously aren't caring about the match, and most people I see at platinum should be much higher since they actually communicate and have an attitude that actually motivates people. But no, they are not as good at the game, swap off Hanzo or I'll throw the match.
because of that Diamond badge keeping system.
2900-3000 is the Wailing Wall.
too many trolls out there
I agree i was in diamond early on in the season then was dropped hard into high gold. Climbed back into diamond then dropped to low plat now im almost into diamond again and I keep getting people running torb and genji and no healer unless i switch off which i usally do since no else will. I swear going into diamond is troll central in low or mid plat the picks are smarter and you can at least find some people to communicate with. Come time to get back into diamond then comes the !@#$ show. Blizzard bring back the avoid player button it is crucial to police who we play with if your not going to. P.S . I dont have an issue with non meta picks or strange player choices if they work, but if your running genji aginst triple and quad tank then we need you to switch, sorry "i know you secretly a top 500 player and this probally your smurf but were dying here and need you to hop off if a zarya ult and yours get no result."
The guys who communicate or not aren't obliged to the SR title but to your win ratio most likely. I don't hear any microphone up until 2800+ myself to be honest, in fact, if they auto-join team voice chat, they leave after someone talks.

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