Lucio Skin = Questionable?

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12/13/2016 02:28 PMPosted by BuddhaBing
If you were looking for intelligent discussion, you really started it off poorly. Seems like you're just looking for a racism witch hunt where no offense could be reasonably taken.

I'm Latino, and I agree with this. Besides, I see no racism on Blizzard's decision to give Lucio's skin such name along with its appearance.
the skin isnt racist, its clever. since christmas has a lot of candy involved, why not make a candy-based skin for someone?
Everyone is racist, lmao.
Sombra has a spanish accent, implying all latinos cannot speak perfect English.

I'm offended, and appalled.
Everyone assumes Bastion is a male.
>Gender assumed
I mean the colors aren't even exact. This whole post is based on the idea that they made a candy based skin and used his skin color as part of the theme. That's quite a stretch.

EDIT: After looking at the Andes Candy packaging next to the Lucio Andes skin I have concluded that you are actually insane.
12/13/2016 02:31 PMPosted by BONESOLVENT
Because the Andes are in Chile, in South America, where he's from.
Lucio is from Brazil, though.
Holy crap almost 600 downvotes

This is the best bait I've ever seen
it is the politically correct era Blizz will prolly be forced to change it.

its fine in my opinion.

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