got penalty after rejoining match

Bug Report
Was in a comp game monday and got a disconnect in battlenet. Managed to reconnect and rejoin normally, but some time had passed and someone else in my team just left (or crashed too, who knows). Other people left not wanting to fight 5v6 and it ended up just me and another guy on our team with still 2 rounds of oasis to go (I crashed a few seconds before we won second round, rejoined just as when my team was losing third round)
The message "a member of your team has left the match" was already stating I could leave without penalty, so I clicked leave game and it behaved normally (no red screen screaming I'd get penalty)
As soon as I tried to find a new match, I had a 15 minute ban and lost 70sr.

Since I rejoined successfully, I should've not lost that many sr, nor get banned.

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