Technical Support disconnects but Overwatch is connected playing ranked with friends, voice, chat, etc, all perfect.

but when disconnects I can not enter the map and I lost SR and get suspended.

sometimes I can close the game, close, open open game and enter again (after a few minutes) but sometimes not.

this is really annoying, my internet is just fine
The same happens to me too.

I can only play one game, after that disconnects and map screen and music starts over and over again. I really dont think it's because of my internet connection because its perfectly fine.

I also got suspended in comp because of it too.

I had to quit the game and start quite a lot today. Like I said I can only play one game before it disconnects.
Similar thing happens to me. I actually cannot even finish a game.

Each time I end up in skirmish first, am there for a while, end up being the last person in skirmish, then find a game, have a episode of lag early, go back to 30ms ping, and then after ~5 minutes I get dropped. This happens almost like clockwork.

FYI, Comcast is ISP -- wonder if that's the same as you guys.
i think i have same problem. i post it to general feed back and i got some really "nice" player comments lol.
yes, generally map starts over and over again.
sometimes when map change sides.
sometimes like today from nowhere I was kick out and after restart battlenet and game I was not able to join, the game was not finished. I got 30 minutes suspension.

I hate battlenet is a stupid program, why it needs to be connected anyway ? the game is connected and working just fine.
This happens to me why wont blizzard remove suspensions?
My also doesn't show my new friends after this glitch started. I think it also has problems with being up to date somehow.

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