Disconnect while in comp queue

Bug Report
I joined the competitive queue and was waiting for a game to join. The timer was still ticking and it dropped me out of the game to the log in screen, but the timer didn't disappear and i didn't hear the "join sound" so obviously i was still in the queue...

Guess what... it costed me -50SR and time penalty... this is the 2nd time it happened to me (the other one was a bit different but obviously a bug). This is non-sense and pathetic... really...
I am constantly pinging in cmd after the first bug happened and my connection was okay the whole time. This game stinks more and more...
Happened twice today.

Lost about 100SR and 2 hours ban.

Thanks blizzard for simply ignoring this problem and giving "solutions" as lame as "connect to the internet with a cable". As if the problem was lag or high ping... It is not. The problem is people gets disconnected while waiting in queue!

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