Stuck on loading screen

Bug Report
I can see my opponents, and chat, but don't see the actual hero select screen. I get a warning i will get booted for inactivity, even though i am in the actual loading screen waiting for it to load for what seemed like a couple of minutes when it usually loads in no more then 10-20 sec.
I try to restart the game quickly but then i see i can't rejoin the match, i am penalized SR and also can't join a new comp game for 10 minutes.
I don't think i should be penalized for game bugs.
Waited for my 10 min penalty and tried again with the same result. Noticed some strange numbers that don't usually appear on the loading screen bottom left corner. Seemed to be counting down.
Now i am penalized again, this time for more than 25 minutes and lost more SR?! Don't have no more time to play, also despite ranking up a bit i am now well bellow what i started with today, very unhappy :(

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