Disconecting after trying to save Sombra's keymap settings

Bug Report
I want to make own keys for heroes. I can do it for all but not for Sombra. This error is since begining and also was on test server. I try to setup other keys but after i quit settings (then settings are saved) i got disconect from Battlenet and settings are not saved. I reinstalled game and it does not help.
I found a bug.
When we do not have set global key to a particular function, such as "jumping", the heroes, who do not have this key set also does not have the capacity or change its settings. After You set it and ESC to previous menu You will get disconeccted from Battlenet.

When a global key set, I can use it in forms that do not have it set but I can not change it at the hero settings.

I can show movie if it will be needed.

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