Setting to turn of Hero Select Noise

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I know a lot of people like to do this to get others attention, cause why use chat or voice?

I think there needs to be an audio or game play setting to disable the sound of other players selecting a hero at the Hero Select screen at the match start.

when you get put in a premade group of 4-5 and they all start doing it for the entire minute. It makes me want to just leave the match cause of how annoying i find it.
This. Allow it to play once for each player and then silence. Tired of hearing it a million times before each match.
I need this really bad. Please blizzard.
Has any progress been made of this? it's really grating to hear people repeated press it in consoles gameplay
Yeah, some players are spamming this crap all the time in hero select, it get's old and annoying really fast.

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