Is Symm useless or overpowered?

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Everytime I play her I am told to stop because she is too !@#$ty by both my own friends and my teams. I have to avoid playing her at times so I don't tilt the team. Yet I come on here and all I see if constant threads about how she is so over powered.

So which is she? She can hardly be both way too strong and way too weak.
Just right
If you like to play her then play her, you bought the game you have the right to play anyone you want. With that being said, if you aren't doing well with her in the match, no one will be mad if you switch. But don't ever let people talk you out of playing who you want, when you want.
She's the modern day Bastion. Crazy powerful in low tiers of play, but her viability decreases the higher you go.

Blizzard also failed to fix the major problem with her, in that she's still highly situational.
12/21/2016 09:23 AMPosted by aba1
Everytime I play her I am told to stop because she is too !@#$ty by both my own friends and my teams.

Your friends and other bad players need to be educated that she is no longer useless and can actually be incredibly strong in certain situations, especially on defense. Anyone who says Symmetra sucks has never felt the power of a properly placed shield generator.
Symmetra works well against unorganized teams and solo-queues without any team coordination. It essentially stops the solo flankers and solo Reins from just charging in without their team behind them. It also tilts some players badly, which can be useful against said solo teams.

Yes, she can dominate lower tiers simply because someone may have better map and hero knowledge. At higher tiers, where players are generally better at coordinating, she will help snowball a game that you're already winning, but is unlikely to actually turn around or determine the outcome of fights.

There are some situations at higher tiers that experienced players will simply not know how to handle a Symmetra. Hanamura A and Hollywood are prime examples because the slow does really help your hitscan heroes against any team with a weakened reinhardt barrier.
she's fine stop bringing useless threads, should think about reaper and this tank meta bullshet
a single Symmettra is fine, powerful and due respect. Stacked she is hellishly broken to the point of almost ruining game modes. However she was always powerful in her niche to begin with just the majority never recognized it. Laugh all you want at her gun but a gun that goes through barriers like Reins shield and still does damage and has an auto lock on that does massive damage in a few seconds is "nothing" to laugh at.
If you're being told to not play Symmetra, then either the map doesn't call for it or they don't realize she melts now.
Since she's your main, I assume you do play her a lot. She also has a massive win percent over your other heroes (relative to how many hours you play each). So do you think she's bad?

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