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I've tested her in like 12 games so far on the PTR and honestly it didn't go that
bad at least for me. Though some things have changed that are instantly noticeable when playing

-There is no reason to play in the frontlines anymore, even with your defense matrix up you are still going to receive tons of damage coming from 3-4+ enemies.

-Flanking is still the same but if the fails to do so don't expect to get away with it becoming an incredibly high risk high reward move.

-Her damage output feels really underwhelming. Close range damage is pretty much out of the question due her squishiness and mid range damage is mediocre at best.

-Usage of matrix is probably the most noticeable, you are going to find yourself hiding behind a corner waiting for the DM bar to replenish. becomes a walking ultimate battery for your enemies (removal of armor ends up in taking more HP damage). Giving your enemies an advantage without you having a chance to punish them.

-Unlike Roadhog doesn't have a reliable source of damage anymore (if she had any before anyways) making her a passive tank that's only good to finish off damaged heroes.

IMO the HP nerfs are deserved though i don't like the way it is now. But the damage nerfs are unneeded, there is no reason for it to be nerfed since it has always been the same and nobody ever complained about it when wasn't meta.
In upcoming PTR updates Blizzard shouldn't add tons nerfs all together. Instead, they could have added only 1 or 2 minor changes so we could see what changes heroes actually deserve without making them either overpowered/underpowered.

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