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since u r working on it, i would like u to change the icons to be more recognisable
like this
the reason why, is very simple : " peripheral vision " we understand shapes and colors at certain degrees.
and for another reason, i have a small monitor and i often TAB to see who is dead and who is not. i hope u take this suggestion in consideration
This is a very minor thing so I don't think blizzard will do it with all of the roadhog, and ana complaints but i think that the designs are great and it would be cool if these great icon designs could be put in the game. I only wonder if it is you who made them or not because if you did make them I would tell you to go and ask blizzard if you could work for them.(and even if you didn't make them... well it sounds like you do know alot about this "peripheral vision" thing so you could help them with that stuff) :D

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