Can't rejoin game after restarting client

Bug Report
I was in a competitive game, and my UI was bugged so I restard my client between the rounds. When I opened back, I coudlnt join my game and I was instatly suspended for 10 minutes, I know the game kept going because my friend still played it.
Yep, big bug that Blizzard doesn't wanna own up to. This has been going on forever apparently. Mine started after the winter update and I eventually got a season ban from getting disconnected randomly and not being able to rejoin. They'll prolly never fix the bug since they apparently don't know how to.
Same thing happened as braykin08, had a client bug where I couldn't see anyone or myself and was having a hard time helping my team. Upon restarting I got suspended for leaving and was unable to rejoin the game to help my team.
I feel it is unfair to both myself and my teammates to have this occur in competitive play.
Post here, over 300 comments and goin. Absolute nonsense, I have a season ban from not being able to rejoin games throughout the season and random disconnections even though ill still be talking to everyone in XBL party chat

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