Top 500 is a joke

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As far as I know the requirements to hit that were to complete 50 wins and have a decent SR. I don't think hidden MMR affects this anymore?

I worked my !@# off to get to this stage and where is my reward?

I hit 4361 and should be placed in the top 300s. Yet I am not top 500...

GG blizzard. Thanks for encouraging players to strive for high SR
This does seem to be an oversight. The tier legend in game says Top 500 is for your region, which you are (even if not global).

It only cares about global top 500 I'm guessing? The info should be changed to reflect that.
Happened to me last season on my smurf, 50 wins, 4418sr which was top 15 in NA at the time and didn't get the top 500 icon, lots of people were complaining about it.
MMR is what gets you into top 500 not SR. You're barely over 50 wins dude.
It requires 50 games, not 50 wins. Although that account looks like a smurf so it probably shouldn't count anyway.

There is also no chance it goes by hidden mmr. That makes no sense when it is ordered by SR.
It IS 50 wins, not 50 games.

Submit a ticket to Blizzard. Also restart the game and see if you aren't Top 500 still.
get a refund for ur boost
Maybe 500 people are still better than you even after you played the system with your minimal game smurf accounts. Or as the masters preach to everyone else, get good you will be ranked 500 when you deserve it and so on.
01/23/2017 06:06 PMPosted by Draulius
It IS 50 wins, not 50 games.

Submit a ticket to Blizzard. Also restart the game and see if you aren't Top 500 still.

I guarantee it is 50 games and not 50 wins. Here is a screenshot from when top 500 in season 3 came out.
I think it works as pretty much global Top 500, which then should be about 4400+ SR to be in appearantly.
I don't have a problem playing more matches. Just a little !@#$ when you don't get placed in it. I have no incentive to stay in top 500.

After looking through the forums it seems a lot of people had that problem. One guy had to do 111 matches before he was registered.

My main is getting close so it might register on my main. Its a little weird though because it is most definitely 50 matches and not wins.
01/23/2017 06:24 PMPosted by EDM
get a refund for ur boost

Funny you say that because my main is pretty close to top 500 too. Anyone that gets top 500 in your books must be 'boosted' amirite.

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