How to escape a brutal loss streak?

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After playing a ton and getting up to high plat, I took a break of about 4 days so I could work on some school projects. When I came back yesterday, I starting losing. I've played 10 games since I came back and lost 9, tied 1. These losses have been bad, too. They steamroll us and we get shut out. I've dropped 350 sp. Any ideas to help me get out of this?
You're making something of yourself with school projects while other people are probably playing 24/7 surrounded by takeout containers and socks better left closed. I'd say you're on a *winning* streak.
Maybe pair up with another 1/2 people, it's helped me when i've been on a losing streak
It's just luck, sometimes you get 3 support mains who try to fill but do badly, other days you get 5 meta hero mains and you crush the enemy team who just fills.

Try playing at different times or days.
Stop playing. Take a break. Relax.
I went on a winning streak and made it to 3412. I take a small break, come back and for two days it was nothing but loses.
Been losing all week. Dropped down to high plat. Worst losing streak so far. From masters to mid plat.

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