The problem with LFM sites.

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Solo queueing can be tough, especially for people who are truly trying to improve in a more team focused way. The most logical way of dealing with this problem is to try finding a proper team on some "Overwatch LFM" site and this is where the trouble begins.

LFM sites are incredibly common and while this might seem like a good thing it makes it incredibly hard to find a suitable team to try applying for because each of these websites has it's own small community, in order to find a team you'll have to visit dozens of different websites.

While this is in a way an "outcry' to Blizzard to consider making an official LFM site in order to make a center for all Overwatch related LF posts, my main purpose is to ask what the most popular Overwatch team finder with the largest community is to make it easier for me to find a team.

In case any of you are wondering, "LFM" stands for "looking for members" and the term is used to refer to a post or website dedicated to express their teams need for members.

- Jestah
I can add up a following idea. The reason we get "no team" is, either people are not following a leader, or there's more than a single leader which confuses things.

So my idea is to implement "leader" checkbox, similiar to Instance Finder in WoW when queueing for competitive. Even better, we could have "voice-chat preffered" checkbox as well.

I think this implemention would fix most of the competitive problems solo-queue players are facing.

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