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After the update I have noticed that the hold to crossfade setting resets after each round. It is very annoying and I have also found a Temporary fix and it is to turn the setting off then back on.

I have noticed also that it says that hold to crossfade is On when it cleary isnt...

Very annoying
Same, also getting this problem.
I find going into Lucio's control menu every round and then exiting without changing anything fixes it.
I've been having the same issue as well. Although all the times i had it happen were on oasis, which seems like it'd be very odd if it was due to something with the oasis map set.

A "fix" that worked for me, would be to just go into options, go to control tab, then exit and that worked up until the next round of oasis, where i would do that again.

Just opening and closing the control tab seems to have the game reread my set control settings
Yea i can also confirm that its something that makes it reset each round on comp at least. Not sure in qp or arcade tho. But it seem like there is more than lucio. Also what i know of. Hope that this has upcoming fix :) i do trust blizz in this. Other than that awsome work so far.

And a side note. Please do something about symmetra xD anything..
This has been happening to me as well. It's really annoying and gamebreaking for me, since i usually always play with hold to crossfade on. It seems to randomly get stuck on pressing to toggle rather than holding. Please fix this as fast as you can!
Crossfade settings for me randomly changes after a death on my side. Been pretty annoyed as I thought I was healing the team, but instead were speeding them.

As other answers in post. Tried tweaking with settings during game, but the bug still occurred.

PS: sym nerf pls
I'v this problem too !
Chiming in. Thought this was a problem on my end but turns out I'm not alone!

Has anyone else had issue with backwards wall riding toggling off at the same time too?
Gonna piggyback off this one. I have the same issue with Reinhardt's shield toggle. Sometimes it will randomly turn itself off. It seems more likely to happen if I use the spray wheel.
Yeah same here. Very glad I am not the only one experiencing this issue. I thought it was an issue with my gaming mouse at first but clearly a lot of other people are experiencing it as well. Hopefully this is fixed soon.
Same here :/

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