Voice Chat Was Working Before the Update -- Now is Not

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Hey Everyone,

For some reason my Voice Chat, which was working before Tuesday's update, isn't working after the update.

I've checked all my audio settings, and it's still working in Discord, etc. -- so it's not the audio interface/mic themselves. But in Overwatch, whether in Push to Talk or Open Mic, the game just doesn't respond at all.

I can see the correct audio input (Saffire Audio) when I mouse over Voice Chat Devices. It's really strange, but it means that I basically can't play Competitive play until I get this sorted out.
Just a bit of additional information -- it works fine in the Battle.net client in Voice Chat setup. Just no longer works in Overwatch.
Just checking for an update on this -- it appears that several others have had the same issue since the patch.
Any help on this one?
Any confirmation on this issue?
Yea man the chat is broken, got similar !@#$ going on. It is sad to see that u posted that 4 days ago and got no respone
Same issue for weeks now. It randomly comes back every few days then breaks again a few hours later. Incredibly frustrating.
Guess I should just keep replying here until someone from support sees it.
Hey guys, are any of you trying to run other voice programs such as Discord in the background while playing?
02/03/2017 06:58 AMPosted by pearlpixel
Hey guys, are any of you trying to run other voice programs such as Discord in the background while playing?
As I have mentioned in another thread I can confirm I have started Overwatch with all over programs not running asides from windows. I've also made sure not to check the exclusive priority mode.
Guys please go here https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20753095535 and post / like to get notice on this issue
Hoping for an answer on this at some point.
Same issue, i can't unmute my mic button thing it's weird my headset is working fine. When i go in group voice chat its fine but whenever i go in team chat it does not work
Hey guys.

Same issue here.

Weirdly, if I switch my windows default mic to my webcam, then it works in game.

If i switch back to my actual mic (headset running into a focusrite USB interface), then it doesn't work in game at all. Works everywhere else, and was fine before the patch.

Really annoying!
Really hoping to get a response on this.
SO if you have tried using any of these mics and voice is currently not working for you, please let me know. These mics are known to cause issues.

If your mic is not on this list, let me know if you are trying to play outside of the US, and what mic you're trying to use.

Logitech g430
Realtek Audio HD (This one is broad and more of a Windows option...)
Blue Snowball
Siberia 200 headset
Sony MDR-ZX770BN Headset
Blue Snowball/Yeti
Siberia v2 Headset
Razer Kraken Pro Headset
Turtle Beach pLa
Turtle Beach i60
Using Antlion ModMic in EU. If I'm screaming into the mic it seems to pick up sound but not otherwise.
I'd really like to get this resolved -- any idea why support isn't replying?
I don't know if the support staff is just ignoring this, or what. But I'd really like to straighten this one out :)
Hey guys, what do I have to do to get a response on this?

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