Mccree Buff?

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Anyone think he needs a mini buff to compete with soldier? Or do I just suck and need to land headshots more and "git gud?"
01/30/2017 01:10 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
It does.
I like playing McCree a lot. I'm one of thw few who thinks that McCree is inan okay place right now.

They might need to incentivise that ult though. Even after Banana Boost and Damage Boost and a freaking Discord Orb it's still 2risky and requires a considerable amount of investment.
they just hate him ;) , watch this :
McCree cant compete with a soldier ATM, just because of the fact the damage dropoff is way steeper with McCree on distance.

Also his ult is kind of hard to land right (without getting killed while ulting).
I play Mccree quite a bit now since I've gone up to a steady 45-60% accuracy.
My average is a lot lower though cause I played him a lot when I had 20-25% accuracy so I'm still bringing the average up.

Would love a small buff to him, he's an amazing DPS if you can play him correctly. Competing with S76 right now, is hard as it is, its definitely doable, but harder than it should be.

Wish there would be a high reward to playing high risk characters, rather than having low risk characters reap high rewards like S76.
Please make him roll "Tracer-style". You know what I mean.
I think he is in a really good place right now, I started playing him again just recently after a long break from the game. The meta feels a little bit more forgiving to use him in, and I can't say he's bad in any way. It's just that soldier does things better and once s76 gets nerfed (if he does) then McCree will feel even more viable. Then again a small buff to McCree wouldn't hurt, if it's less falloff damage or maybe shorter cooldown on his stun, I'd welcome it.
The simplest way to solve this is to lower the cooldown on his roll
No. Soldier needs a nerf instead.
He should get a buff of some sort. I think probably a lower cool down on roll plus something (anything) to make his ult more effective. Right now it's brutal if people are stupid, and basically useless if people listen to the very loud announcement (with a long time to react before the reticles get small enough to kill).
A lot of people also want his CD on his flashbang looked at.
A .1 sec stun versus a trade off of a 10 second CD.
02/06/2017 08:02 AMPosted by JimmyCarter
No. Soldier needs a nerf instead.

mccree its a good hero. and dont need a "buff".
the problem its that soldier can do a lot more, easy and better. So why you will get a mcrree over soldier?
Mainly just on his ult. I'd reduce falloff damage some too.
02/06/2017 07:41 AMPosted by darkki
they just hate him ;) , watch this :
seen it
02/06/2017 08:10 AMPosted by Volcore
A lot of people also want his CD on his flashbang looked at.
A .1 sec stun versus a trade off of a 10 second CD.
yeah roadhogs is 6 seconds while mccree is like 12 sec i think
I have 47% accuracy in competitive but damn feels like I work so hard to just be on same level as Soldier....I would love a reduction on his cooldowns preferably his roll
We don't need more deadly classes everywhere, TTK will soon be one milisecond. Soldier needs to be nerfed, not McCree buffed.
I feel maccree mostly needs speed in his ult and a little more damage and it would fix the problem.
I'd if it's just me but I main mccree and out class 76s probably because I am in high gold though

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