Who has the most useless ultimate

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Widowmaker's. For one thing, Hanzo has her 'ultimate' on an easy cool down.

For another, the longer the game goes on, the more useless it becomes. As people learn maps and heroes, it becomes easier to predict where those people are. That and people have to capitalize on the ultimate - which rarely happens.

Second worst is McCree's. He gets slowed down and becomes a giant target. Because he doesn't do damage right away, he can either be an easy kill or a Genji/D.Va can torture him by standing right before him.

It's less "High Noon" more "Please kill me!"
Junkrat and McCree are almost a two way tie. I'd give it to Junkrat though, because so often his ult has no impact whatsoever; it gets so easily shutdown by the other team. Deadeye at least demands a more drastic response, can be used to quickly pick off a key target or two, or can zone an entire team from an area.

People will mention Winston (and it is the weakest ult for killing people), but it fits in with his role, which is to be a disruptive, pain in the !@#$ to the enemy.
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Junkrat and McCree are the worst IMO.

Winston's is definitely not great, but i can't say it's the worst because it does serve as a great Mega self-heal and doubles your HPs. It's also situationally excellent when you're trying to take a point or objective. Especially if your team follows up behind you.

Widow's ult is rather underwhelming (as in, not exciting), but you can't deny that it's very helpful to have up.

If someone knows how to use winston winstons ult is so good. You cant focus an ulting winston but since he is constantly disrupting you and throwing you all over the place you cant ignore him. The only real counter that winstons ult has is a sleep dart from ana or any other long stun.
Junkrat or McCree, bit of a toss-up.

There's a class of Ult wherein often the best way to use the ult is to... not use the ult. They make the hero so vulnerable that it often makes sense to not ult and instead stay mobile and alive. With McCree, Reaper and Pharah you're basically flipping a coin, trading your life in the hopes of taking more and/or more important lives. Junkrat can hide before launching the tire but there is still the opportunity cost of the damage he could be doing during that time vs. a tire that will probably get killed before it gets close enough to get a multikill.
definitely junkrat's. Mccree and widow are not much better.
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Widowmaker. It's actually a decent support ultimate, but it doesn't do much per se and can be countered extremely easily.
How do you counter it? You can't just magically disappear.
Just because an ult doesn't get kills doesn't mean it's useless. Widowmaker's ult is literally cheating if you use a program that does the same thing outside of the game. Sometimes an ult is a reason that a hero has a high skill ceiling, like High Noon. An ult shouldn't be just an automatic heptakill.

If you're on a good team that is good at combo-ing ultimates, the ult should pair well with another ult, and that's what makes a good ult. For that reason the worst has got to be the Tire. The small blast radius, and the low health make it useless like 50% of the time.

I also don't think Death Blossom is necessarily bad, but the skill to use it effectively is way above any other aspect of Reaper.
People forgetting Tracer's ult. Hard to stick, doesn't even kill tanks when stuck. Only upside is that it charges fast enough.
Completely forgot how useless Tracers is not much damage for a one shot,hardly any blast radius and has next to no range.
She Kills with every 10 Shots one maybe even two Heroes and in the end we get just some Wallhack.

I don't care the complete Map is Wallhacked, Hanzo gives me an Chokepoint Wallhack every 20 Seconds and that is way more Important then something i only get every 3 or 4 minutes.
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Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Lucio and Winston.
How is Junkrat the worse when he gets an average 3-4 ulti kills?

You literally just bought the game, right?

>Zen makes all immortal and can outheal anything except some burst Q...
>Widow is perfect for pros set up shots
>Lucio same as zen if you speed in or defend (can protect from burst and ongoing dmg)
>Winston can initiate... - not much dmg but its meant to disturb, not kill.

Wanna useless?

Takes forever to wind up. extrem easy to doge. Leaves her open for attack.
After doing it she mostly loses her mech right after, since she becomes a sitting duck during the animation.

(not as if she does anything useful to begin with)
Junkrat and Mcree. Keep in mind an ultimate is still an ultimate and is still really powerful. But Junkrats tire is an easy 1 shot while junkrat is left completely vulnerable. And mcrees ultimate is easy to avoid or block while mcree is also left very vulnerable.
Mcrees Ult. Despite how useless many are claiming it to be. Is actually quite good for clearing a zone.

The reason nobody ever really dies to it is because everyone is so good at avoiding it.

Use it as a zoning material. And don't use it 1v6 when everyone is focusing you. Distract them. Flank
It really just depends on the level of skill the user has and the enemy team has. Widow's ult isn't gonna directly get you kills, but knowing exactly where everyone on the enemy team is sets up several kills not just for widowmaker herself, but the rest of her team. Junkrat's riptire is super easy to kill, but if used in a situation where the enemy team is too distracted to focus on "FIRE IN THE HOLE" then watch the triple kills roll in.

Deadeye is hard to use but I've seen ppl get team kills with it so there's no way I'm gonna call it the worst ult.

Gotta say Winston's is still the worst ult in the game. Don't get me wrong I flippin love primal rage but here's the thing, that ult was designed for diving onto the enemy team and knocking them around so that yours could engage them and while that is possible and it works, it just doesn't work all that well. Yes you can do some srs dmg with Primal Rage, but it takes literally one-side step and Winston can't connect with his target(s) at all. He moves too slowly in Rage form, has very limited range, (which are literally his arms lmao) and your HP/leaps with 2 second cool downs just can't make up for this. Primal Rage gets shut down hard by almost anything. There's like this radius it has where if you can stay within it, Winston straight can't touch you. He might knock you like once but just get back in the radius and watch him miss you on the leap. It's very...underwhelming....

Not to mention even with all that HP and trying to be careful of your surroundings, you still end up dying pretty quickly unless you just straight run away. I guess using it like a second life and running away is pretty neat. It just still feels so underwhelming after you've spent all that time charging in the first place and compared to the others which do so many more spectacular things than gaining HP and being able to knock things back.
For me the easiest ults to shutdown would be a 3 way tie between Mccree, phara and Junkrat.
The hardest ult for me to get value out of is widows, it will normally nets me a kill but it's just sorta there.
Mccree by miles imo
I'd say Deadeye. It requires perfect positioning and is easily blocked/countered/avoided. Plus the low health, glowing, slow cowboy is a massive target...
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Sorry dude but McCrees gets kills sometimes.

It has to be Widowmaker.

Widowmaker gives the team infinite area awareness. That's way more useful than occasionally getting a kill with Deadeye.

Deadeye is the worst. Very obvious tell, long windup time, leaves him extremely vulnerable to almost everything. It's countered by finding cover or just flat out killing him and then his ult is gone.

Sure, you can get kills with it, but it requires the perfect position, where the enemy can't find cover, and aren't expecting you to be there. Anyone wearing headphones will have an idea of where you are, and will usually find cover accordingly.

It's just bad. It's bad at what it's intended to do.

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How is Junkrat the worse when he gets an average 3-4 ulti kills?

Because the wheel is loud and dies very quickly from anyone. A dead wheel is a useless one, and even using it in close range it's difficult to get it off before someone hits it with something doing 100 damage.

Widow's ult is garbo. The majority of players at Silver and above have the common sense to stay back when Widow loudly exclaims "HEY EVERYONE, WE CAN SEE YOUR EVERY MOVE, STAY BACK FOR A FEW SECONDS OR HIDE BEHIND THE NUMEROUS OBSTACLES UNTIL MY ULT RUNS OUT." Meanwhile Hanzo gets his sonic arrow every 10 seconds and whispers as quietly as he possibly can so no one can hear it or notice the 1 tiny sonic arrow compared to the dozens of other arrows he's littered across the map.

McCree's Ult is weaker than say Reaper's or Soldier's but it's far far stronger than Widow's
I don't understand why everyone thinks mccrees ult is useless. If you can use it right, you can get a team kill.

Then again I'm a McCree main...

I think it's roadhogs ult, since if theres no cliff he cant get kills easily. Also, he can't heal during it so he gets killed easily by genjis and since he's slowed, junkrat can pick him off from around a corner.
It has some utility but in all the time that I've been playing, since September, I can only think of one time a Sombra ult has actually contributed importantly, other than lowering Reins barrier so we can get a little ult charge off him while Mercy heals him.

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