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well as a master player with 3502 SR, I never expected to become a Master player, nor did I think it was possible while playing at 10-25 fps, and half of the time doing bad, and yet im able to get there...
I started 1400 this season. I was gonna be happy with a solid 2200-2300. I was honestly surprised I got my plat icon. I DON'T think I belong there but maybe with more practice next season I can aim a bit higher.
02/18/2017 08:53 AMPosted by Rakari
Did you really just come to the forums to !@#$ talk your friend lol?

I used him as an example.
Tell him to make another account, if he gets stuck at the same point then he doesn't belong.
No one deserved there rank in s3 especially considering there players with much better stats stuck in plat then compared to player stats in grandmaster.
You never know where somebody belongs as long as they make a competitive 1v1 game mode with same heroes.
I deserve to be in low bronze. I'm in platinum right now but maybe, just maybe if I try hard enough I'll get there by late 2017. #RoadToBronze!
Stuck in high silver/low gold, and sometimes, my teammates are just flaming piles of rancid garbage, I honestly don't know where I should be, but plat is all I think I can realistically get.
Good read op. I have a similar friend and it is very hard to play with someone like that
02/19/2017 08:00 AMPosted by Arokhantos
No one deserved there rank in s3 especially considering there players with much better stats stuck in plat then compared to player stats in grandmaster.

To be fair. Its easier to get better stats in platinum in grandmaster.

I used to get 60-70 kills in platinum games
Now in Grandmaster I can hardly break over 40 kills.
02/18/2017 07:55 AMPosted by Dragonfang
A quote, from a friend of mine who I honestly hate playing comp with. He plays pretty religiously at night, in this season alone he has 80+ hours on zenyatta, close to 150+ total for this season. Whenever I look at my friend leaderboard, he averages 2900s, season high was around 3100. The reason he thinks he deserves to be master is that he is simply stuck in that pit of people around 3000sr.

There are many people who think they deserve to be way higher than they are, but I brought this guy up, because he is the definition of it. In reality, I do see him belonging around high plat/low diamond, expecially with his win/loss ratio being around 50% and he played nearly 700 games of it and has been averaging the same rank, all season long.

You sir, display the characteristics of a two face gossiping friend. I wouldn't want to play with you either.
I cant completely deny this because that is literally me you're explaining. I started this season in mid plat and dropped to gold. Within a few weeks i made it to diamond for the first time and went straight through it in a few weeks. I just hit master the ither day. I'm a zen/lucio main. As a support main its not always possible to carry but if you get the right teams for a little while he could get there. As a zen main with communication diamond is easy but plat is tough because nobody listens to your call outs. As someone who was in plat not that long ago I've been called an amazing zen/lucio in master rank so i think he could be good enough for it, using myself as an example that is
Typical problem for a lot of players looking to blame instead of to improve.
yea but ik ive belonged masters tbh i watch lot of overwatch pro streams nad i have better aim then them and im in gold but i always get bad teams so we lose anyways but yeah i think i could play in grandchampion
I dont deserve to be in masters too
LMAO! Yes yes...we all deserve to be in Masters.
why even care?

care about winning the next game and not not how good you are compare to others.
Why is 3k SR a 'pit'? The overwhelming majority of players are below 3k. If you're 3k you're already better than most players, why is being better than most players a 'pit'?
02/18/2017 08:01 AMPosted by Malldaerk
I deserve to be in bronze, but it's so hard getting there. Atm I'm stuck around 3200-3380sr not even scratching plantnuim, still got along way to go.

HEy you've almost done it! Congrats.
Well I mean I know for s fact I play at low level gold in regular comp and high to mid gold in ctf comp. but I am in silver in regular because your team can f you over. I haven’t gotten to the spot where the actual good team consistently wins because both teams are smart enough to know how to pick characters.

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