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As a McCree Main, even on another account i can say overall McCree is quite under powered, Especially against road hogs. Mainly because the flash doesn't last long enough for players who don't have god like reflexes to actually get 1-6 head-shots to be able to actually get a kill. And then his ultimate is just a big, EVERYONE RUN AND HIDE, or LOOK THE BIG RED DOT SHOOT HIM, or MEI MAKE A ICE WALL, or RIEN SHIELD ALL OF US. I think overall a revolver with only 6 shots that doesn't even do 200 damage, as he only does 140 damage from 1 head-shot. Which against heroes who have over 200 health makes it hard to actually kill. i'm not saying that he needs to get like god tier damage or anything. But if we could maybe have him be a little bit more accurate and get like 20-30 more damage on his gun, maybe even decreasing the range a bit just to balance the extra damage, he would be overall a way better hero.
Yea no. He needs QoL adjustments not hard buffs.
Mcree main?
nah man sorry
02/20/2017 06:32 PMPosted by SmileyRabbit
Mcree main?
nah man sorry
I have another account nerd.... Hence why i said that in there... "even on another account"
lol Mcree is fine.. Just cuz you main him doesnt mean he needs buffs
30 damage on his gun? are you !@#$ing crazy?

If McCree gets more than 76 damage per bullet, he will be %^-*ing broken because with a damage boost he will oneshot every 200 hp character.

McCree main? you are the main idiot here that's all there is.

McCree needs his kit fixing first, then looked further from there, not the other way around, he doesn't need to be more of a left click bot, he is already to a high degree.

- Coming fro ma 150 hrs McCree
His damage is fine, it's his kit and ult that's complete and utter !@#$.
fix flashbang so it stops momentum, I'm not sure what they can even do with roll at this point to make it much more useful, would need to completely give him a new ability instead of roll. The best thing without making him OP would be to give him a better ultimate.

The biggest reason to me to pick Soldier over McCree isn't because of his consistent dps, sprint or heal, it's because his ult is a potential team wipe especially with nano or at least easily getting 2 kills if you're not using it in front of a rein shield/ while only thing McCree can rely on is picking 1-2 people off with his left click to help your team cap a point/defend and hope your team can clean up.
I mainly would just like to see McCree's min damage brought up to closer to 35 instead of 20. Possibly a slight reduction on his cds as well.

Edit: and a shorter casting time on his ult to start getting value out of it sooner.

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