voice comm issues (screenshot included)

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so starting yesterday i cant communicate with anyone in overwatch. skype and discord work perfectly fine and i didnt change any settings in overwatch as well.

when i do join the team chat or group chat, people tell me that im not in it and both push to talk and open mic dont work. my ign doesnt pop up on the top left when i talk.
I have the same problem, and it's been like this since release (for me) I think its problems with certain audio setups, soundcards, or external mic ports, different mic/volume settings in Windows, and overwatch being fickle on what it can recognize. I've gotten it to work before with just screwing with different mic settings in Windows and in sound blaster. What is working mic in any other program, just doesn't work in overwatch.
Hey guys, sorry to hear you're having some issues!

Can you list what mics you're trying to use?
And, in Hardee's case, do you happen to be playing from outside the US? Some regions have firewalls put up to block voice.
I have the same issue, since the latest patch.

Thread here:
for output i use some logitech speakers but for input i actually use my headset mic which is the hyperx headset. i didnt have this issue and ive had the game since release. it only started happening two days ago which is apparently when the latest patch was released

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