Junkrat Can Be Considered A Scientist

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When we think of scientists in Overwatch we usually think of Mercy, Winston, Torbjorn or any other smart character. We usually consider Junkrat as an oddity but hear me out on why Junkrat could possibly be an intelligent character in disguise. Based on lore we know that Junkrat has been affected by radiation since there was a rebellion against omnic peace in Australia. The rebels destroyed an omnium or a core which made omnics (I presume) which lead to a huge explosion. The explosion had radiation which affected many people. The explosion was so huge it affected many of the outbackers which I guess you could say, made them crazy. Junkrat survived the explosion and became a junker. So he salvaged scrap and made a grenade launcher, mine and trap from straight up garbage. Now Junkrat might not have been using this for good but you still have to consider that Junkrat made a freaking grenade launcher from garbage. Now that we know Junkrat can craft basically whatever he wants we can go onto Junkrat's halloween skin. Dr. Junkenstein is an obvious reference to Dr.Frakenstein but if we do a comparison of them we can see how they are super related. Dr.Frankenstein was a mad doctor who created life. In the lore Junkrat is mad (of course) but also created a grenade launcher and a !@#$%^- remote control explosive tire. So in the end is Junkrat a scientist? Engineer? Oddity? Or a bit of everything?
It's more like an engineer than a scientist

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