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As the title suggests, after a win streak that finally got me to diamond, the game set its eyes on me. Now it seems almost every quick play and comp match I play ends in a loss. Currently on a 5 game loss streak. Am currently at 2853 down from a season high of 3047. I don't solo q either.
Rip the dream.. same stuff happened to me when I got to 2973 after a win streak
lel 5 game loss streak u casual. In all seriousness though 17 losses with 12 in a row is my record over the course of 3 days last season. Yeah match maker is pretty messed up though its been known for a while. I was just watching iddqd's (a professional overwatch player) stream today and he told us that he knows that there are people in top 500 that say they are afraid to play their main roles because they know they don't belong in top 500. They only got there because of lucky dice rolls in regards to their team and win streaks. I believe he also said that he thinks this is what's wrong with the matchmaker right now. People are going on these streaks and being put lower and higher than they actually deserve.

edit: clarity
Competition just gets harder at the next level. Same happened to me, hit 3k then dipped back to 2.7k now back up to 3k. I'm starting to face masters more regularly (late at night) and the games are a lot tougher thats all.
50/50 is not forced - Blizzard

Biggest lie ever told.

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