Does Winston need a buff?

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08/14/2017 03:00 AMPosted by Lubunis
Winston is nowhere near becoming God tier. The guy is squishier than all hell, especially now that everyone is playing DPS now that Junkrat and Reaper are OP. God tier is being able to throw an explosive an inch from your face and get 3 kills without even damaging yourself! Meanwhile Pharah and Zarya get destroyed by their own projectiles in the wrong conditions. But by all means, give Junkrat ANOTHER concussion mine. That's what he needs, even if he is dominating the game right now. I just want to be able to solo a DPS hero without having my damage completely overwritten by a Mercy or Ana, just to be melted by a Zen. His gun should do atleast 10 more damage a second so that he could clean up a bit quicker.

Your 1st post, and it's a necro from 6 months ago.. Yikes
Winston needs two changes:

Audio increase from Genji's screaming mumble when he's getting electrified by tesla cannon (most satisfying sound)

A tea cup to drink all the tears from support mains who call for Winston Nerfs.

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