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I used to think if you Ulted as lucio with your speed boost on, it gave a massive speed buff instead of shields, like having 2 ultimates.

03/17/2017 03:23 PMPosted by Lord
I kept thinking that Genji took a lot of skill.

Then I found out that his reflect is literally just a button you can press, not a difficult task.


You start reflecting ultimates and widow shots and tell me it doesent take skill.
I tried going sniper Mei against a Hanzo.

I won.
03/19/2017 01:44 PMPosted by Skrimiche
-Didn't know Pulse Bomb could damage you
-Didn't know 76's Helix was on RMB; I kept trying to press Shift to use it
-Thought you had to hold shift (by default) for 76's Sprint
-Thought Pharah's Concussive Blast damaged players
-Didn't know McCree's Roll auto-reloaded for him
-Thought Venom Mine slowed enemy players
-Thought Ice Wall was useless
-Thought you could upgrade a Turret to level 3 as Torb (normally/without ult). Spent like 3 minutes hammering.it.
-Didn't know Bastion had a spread
-Didn't know you could shoot at RIP-Tire (never used Junk much so I was always on the receiving end)
-Didn't know Earthshatter was blocked by shields
-Thought Rein's Charge one-shot every hero
-Didn't know you could turn while charging as Rein
-Didn't know Road had a right click
-Didn't know what Defense Matrix did (old, while it wasn't toggleable)
-Thought Self-Destruct bypassed shields
-Didn't know Zero Suit D.Va's ult was Call Mech until I tried using it as a Self-Destruct
-Didn't know about the boost > Self Destruct strat
-Didn't know how to switch off Speed Boost as Lucio
-Didn't know Lucio's right click did knockback or that it was short-range
-Didn't know you could hover as Mercy
-Didn't even know how to play Zen
-Didn't know how to lock-on as Symmetra (her beam was to my right so I always aimed to the left of everybody...)
-Didn't know Teleporter had limited charges

Thanks I didn't know Mcrees roll auto loaded for him either :v!
03/17/2017 03:17 PMPosted by SteamPunk
It took me sooo long to realize that "gr" meant "great round" and was not an expression of anger, like "grr im angry"

Same here haha, for the longest time I thought gr = grrr...I'm angry which was like ugh bad game
When I was below level 50, I got 30 kills as Pharah by standing on the payload the entire time and just shooting at people
Actually my first ever match went quite well for me, i went bastion, set up in front of spawn, shot down 4 people and got a highlight.

Then my second match i went full on flanker bastion on koth, the whole enemy team was on the point and i had my ult ready and i was right above them without them knowing. I ulted, went down, and started shooting all my bullets, they hit no one and it ended up with me dead.
I don't even know how to crouch
The first time I ever played Overwatch I didn't realize that I started A.I training,and instantly locked into D.va. When I started Quickplay,I did the same and played like Soldier,needless to say,my team lost.
I'm a masters player and I still fall off edges and get ultra rekt by the Junkrat combo.
It took me so, so long to figure out that punching stops the reloading process. Imagine me, trying to melee a low health enemy to death because I can't figure out why McCree's gun isn't reloading.
To this day, I will keep trying to use Lucio's RMB like the Pyro's airblast.
I followed the game since beta so I was never really confused to how the characters worked when I first started, however, I JUST recently found out how Roadhogs alt fire works. I kept spamming it into people wondering why they weren't dying until I was told you have to hit it at exactly 10 meters to get the full damage.

Also, constantly running into walls s D.Va when I first started.
I started playing without owning and desk and using a trackball. Which is why for QP it shows Junkrat as my most played hero, he was the only one I could get anything done with with a trackball. Haven't really played a lot of QP since. I have a mouse now, but still no desk.
I don't think I had too many noob moments (at least that I can remember) since I read up extensively on the game before it was released. But there is one that I do remember that's really stupid:

Zarya's shields. I had no idea how it worked. I thought you put it on someone and they had like damage reduction or something for a duration. I didn't know that the shield's duration is it. I used to shield people and myself before going in. To be fair, her voicelines are pretty misleading.
When I switched to PC and tried to play Widow with a controller.
I thought Zarya bubbles gave ult charge, not regular charge. I didn't notice the little number for so long and was wondering why I wasn't charging up my ult faster.
I tried to attack enemies with mercy's staff.

Then i switched off because i thought healers couldn't attack and they are very underpowered.
When I first started playing, all I played was D.Va and for so long I had literally no clue what dm did, so all I did was boost in and shoot and wonder where I went wrong when I flew out of my mech
I charged a self destructing D'VA mech into my team during the beta I also charged peopl off cliffs with me.

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